All you need is Word of Mouth publicity

Salary is k for beginners and goes further depending on one’s expertise and experience. Home Bakery If you are passionate about baking and trying new cakes, cookies, and pastries then this is for you. You can start your home-based bakery. With a minimum investment of Rs. to get basic equipment. are a fan of your cakes. If your kids, friends, and family why not turn it into a profession and start selling it? little advertising and you are good to go. One thing you must keep in mind is patience is the key. You might not be able to get instant success but once you are consistent and giving your best no one can stop you.

All that is needed is to learn

Qualification Required: Lots of passion Creativity and presentation Pricing details Knowledge of all the ingredients Earnings have no limit; it depends on how many orders you can get initially. Digital Marketing Digital marketing is simply B2B Email List promoting and advertising products and services in a digital i.e. online platform as against the traditional form of marketing. There is numerous Work from Home jobs available in Digital Marketing.  the technical skills required to become a digital marketing professional.

B2B Email List

You can easily learn these

The best thing is you can do digital marketing certifications from many renowned institutes even online. Digital Marketing jobs are among the best jobs for women in India. Qualification Required: Good communication skills BTC Databaseas tools  Excellent computer knowledge Technical skills Earnings depend on individual skill, organization, and experience. Approx. k to k for beginners. Graphics Designing Graphics designing is where visual and innovative content is created with creativity to connect with a targeted audience. To be a graphics designer you must possess knowledge and expertise in different graphics designing tools.

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