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Pages per session This is the average number of pages view per visit . Through this indicator, you will be able to understand whether you are managing to keep the visitor’s attention. Lenght of stay Dwell time works mainly on two platforms: E-mail Marketing and the website. It informs the average duration of time that users spend consuming content sent by email or on each of the website’s pages. This allows you to understand whether your content is being read and, consequently, whether it is truly useful ! Email marketing: the key to competitive advantage Traffic origin This is a simple metric to understand, which reveals the origin of the users who access your website.

Performances of the main landing pages

Thus, with consistent work on creating and distributing content , the results began to appear — and grow dramatically. The formula for success: quality! Content Marketing is not simply pushing buttons and waiting for results. The evolution new data of the project takes place with expertise, but also with a lot of analysis and fine adjustments to find the perfect formula for each case . And, in 2023, we achiev excellent results for SuperPro! Check out some comparative numbers between the last half of 2022 and the first half of 2023: The numbers of success.

Traffic for your e-commerce Organic

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With a consistent strategy, we were able to link SuperPro equipment and products with the specific nes of consumers, always valuing the quality of the content . Thus, we constantly improve the strategy and even improve results in Paid Mia ! Check out our BTC Database AS approach in each case: 5x more users on the blog in less than 1 year Organic search is one of the best ways for a brand to connect with potential customers. After all, the starting point is always a desire, curiosity or ne of the audience.

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