Nexxyo Labs receives the 2022 Cámara Navarra Innovation Award

The Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of Navarra held the 26th edition of the Navarra Chamber Awards 2022 on November 30 at the Alma Pamplona Hotel. Nexxyo Labs moved the ceremony to its virtual world, Outer Ring, where its CEO, Dani Valdés, collected the Innovation Award . Nexxyo Labs is a software developer and consultancy founded in 2019. It specializes in the implementation of blockchain technology in products for third parties and its own. The first, Bamboo Defi, resulted in the creation of Navarre’s first cryptocurrency. Later, in 2021, they begin their current main business branch, video game development. 

Awards ceremony

Nexxyo Labs moved the ceremony to its video game . In the promotional video, which they played during the event and published on their top industry data networks, Maria Chivite, President of Navarra, and Javier Taberna Jiménez, President of the Navarra Chamber of Commerce , presented the award to Dani Valdés, CEO of Nexxyo Labs , also depicted as one of the game’s species. The ceremony highlighted the work of Nexxyo Labs, committed to building from Navarra, where its headquarters are located, while continuing with its internationalization plan. In the last 10 months they have increased their workforce from 12 to 130 workers , spread throughout the national and international geography.

The future of Nexxyo Labs

The Navarra company will continue with its innovative commitment during 2023. In this new cycle they intend to bring 5 new video games BTC Database AS to the market . In addition to the studio, they also have an industrial traceability software development branch for third parties and Achekaa Media Content, their audiovisual division. Daniel Valdés closed the reception of the award saying: “We have to continue working and fighting for what we believe is the future.”

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