Need for A Well Executed SEO Strategy

In this SEO case study, we will reveal the exact strategy we used to generate 24,605 website visitors for a qurbani services website. Read on. Therefore, The Client A Qurbani Services Company A well-known qurbani services company which serves aqiqah and qurbani for over 27 years. Therefore, They also the pioneer in online qurbani services which offers secure and easy payment platform for qurbani participants. Furthermore, this company also builds waqf properties such toilets and wells for Muslim in Cambodia.

SEO-Focused Content Creation & Link Building Strategy

Mr H, marketing director of the qurbani services company, knew that a solid digital marketing strategy was crucial for his business’s success.

Only a smart SEO strategy would telephone list biz help his site rank better and lend his brand credibility and help him carve a sizeable share in a highly competitive market.

Mr H began creating content marketing assets in-house that he and his team could use for brand growth and promotion.

He found that almost 70% of the website traffic is coming. Therefore, from Google and he wanted his site on the first page of Google.

Unfortunately, as Mr H quickly realised, creating content in-house is time-consuming, and not particularly effective if your team doesn’t specialise in reliable SEO strategy.

So, in December 2019, Mr H reached out to Bomstart Media to see if we could help a qurbani services company improve their search engine presence and appeal to their target audience.

53X Traffic Growth in 6 Months
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Bomstart Media’s strategic SEO content creation and link building were exactly what Mr H was looking for.

Not only did we ideate content that resonated with Mr H company’s brand, but we backed every content creation with deep customer insights and SEO best practices.

In Mr H’s case, what he needed was BTC Database AS keyword-rich content that would appeal to specific audiences looking for qurbani and aqiqah services on Google.

We came out with the plan; Bomstart Media created and published informative articles over the course of six months.

Bomstart Media also do backlink to the published article on the website to boost the ranking.

Our consistent link building strategy ensured that qurbani service website gets more traffic and helps convert it into leads.

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