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National Native American Frenchmarketingcalendar_GAAgency- x .jpeg Plan your content marketing strategy and advertising campaigns in time for one of the most anticipat events of the year in the French capital. Be sure to offer them promotions to make your brand stand out! Take advantage of holidays and existing events to keep your marketing calendar relevant throughout the year. Not only do major holidays like Christmas or Black Friday offer sales opportunities, but numerous other events throughout the year can be an important source of revenue and interaction with your audience.

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Your communications strategy and seo expate bd campaigns for ? Contact us ! For more tips on how to engage your audience you can check out our: marketing calendar Italy UK marketing calendar Spain marketing calendar marketing calendar Germany US marketing calendar Previous PREVIOUS Marketing Calendar: Plan your Posts around these Italian Events and Holidays NEXT Advertising, eCommerce & Virtual Reality: What is the Future of Social Mia in Marketing Calendar US: The Top Dates Not To Be Miss Reading Time: minutes March , When creating a marketing strategy, it’s important to consider all the events and holidays that impact your business.

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Ahead throughout the year and proactively BTC Database AS engage your customers on the most important dates. Not only shopping events are important, but also national holidays and traditions. The sooner you start planning your content marketing strategy, the more prepar you will be when these events arrive. These are the key shopping and holiday dates in that you should keep an eye out for: February – Valentine’s Day February – Presidents Day March – International Women’s Day April – Easter – May – Mental Health Awareness Month May – Mother’s Day May th – Memorial Day for the Fallen of the American Army (Memorial Day) – June – Pride Month June – American Flag Day June th – Father’s Day th July – Independence Day July – Amazon Prime Day (Expect) September.

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