Narrating the story

Narrating the story Org wiki File. We Can Do It.jpg From the s to today To see the first communication campaigns on TV. We had to wait until the s. First in the Unite States on NBC with Carosello. The Carousel was a moment of entertainment. As well as promotion. So seconds of entertainment alternate with commercial seconds.

Then two years later in Italy

Holding a glass of Coca. Cola.  off to the pause that refreshes. It was the first time that Santa Claus had been idealize in that way. Coca. Cola use Santa Claus for its advertisements until. Idealizing the character throughout the world who became the greatest testimonial in history. Another communication campaign that achieve extraordinary success was We Can Do It. Create in by J. Howard Miller for Westinghouse Electric. Which is still reproduce seo expater bangladesh ltd today in posters and gadgets. The most famous advertising posters We can do it. Westinghouse Electric Credits.

The poster read My hat's

From the early s onwards. Communication techniques underwent a rapid evolution. Particularly in France. The Unite Kingdom and the Unite States. In. The Moet et Chandon champagne commercial shown during one of the first films of the history. Since then. Advertising campaigns also began to spread through the cinema and. Subsequently. The radio. The s and Coca. Cola When it all began. The first communication campaigns in BTC Database AS history Credits. photos coolz r It was when the illustration create appeare for the first time by Sundblom on printe paper. Which depicte a thriving and happy Santa Claus.

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