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In addition to these, you can – and you should – regularly direct people directly to the sales page. Not everyone buys right away the first time, and not necessarily the second time either. But that’s not the point, it’s the repetitions. Repetition is the mother of learning. write a sales page The Marketing Rule of 7 is a marketing concept invented in the 1930s. That’s when marketers discovered that when people saw an ad at least 7 times, they got more customers.  person saw an ad, the more likely they were to buy a movie ticket. In the age of social media, we talk more about the customer’s touch points than the visibility of the ad.

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How many times the customer is in contact with you, your brand and your product. During this last year, I have latest database started to pay attention to the fact that, especially in the United States, coaches and experts have significantly reduced their own products and services. are always known for and that they market regularly. This is because the more options you give the customer, the harder it is to make a decision. If you have 5 similar products or services, the customer does not know which one is the most suitable for him. But if you only have one product or service that you offer publicly, you will have more touch points with your potential customers and maximize the exposure of your marketing and sales message.

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If the conversion of your sales page is 5% (that is, 5 people out of every 100 unique visitors buy), which is the better option for you: a different channel to five BTC Database AS different products and get 100 to 500 visitors per month per product? Or that you direct 2500-5000 people to one sales page every month and get 5% of them to buy? You might also like: What’s the difference between a landing page, a sales page, and a home page? 5. The sales page must be optimized for both Google (SEO) and mobile devices A sales page is one of the most challenging texts to optimize for search engines.  

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