Myths about the Community Manager or community

Do you really know what a community manager is? What are your roles and responsibilities in a company? In this article, I want to talk to you about the myths of the Community Manager created by not being very clear about what their functions are, and their work not being valued as it should. Myths about For a few years now, there has been a lot of talk about the Community Manager and the need for companies to have one on their staff to manage the brand’s presence on social networks. But, although it is thought that everyone.

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This topic and comment on some of these myths to see if. I help eliminate the misconception that people have about this profession. The community manager BTC Database AS or CM is the professional with knowledge. Of the tools necessary to properly manage a company’s social networks and. Who promotes the company’s communication and interaction with its customers. He is also in charge of monitoring the online presence of the. Brands and the voice of the company before its consumers. Now that we have this clearer, I want to talk to you about. A series of myths that I have seen around this profession since. I began to develop it and that I think are a good topic to discuss. To make it very clear that the reality of this profession is different, from the that many think and speak.

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