Microsurgical treatment of lumbar disc herniation

This damage causes irritation and pressure on the surrounding nerves. Therefore, Which is the reason why patients feel pain, stiffness or weakness. Symptoms can appear in the lower back. Or in the legs. Most of the people who feel these. Symptoms can get rid of them through conservative treatment – with drugs or physical therapy. If conservative treatment does not help. Then surgical treatment is recommended – discectomy. According to prof. Dr. Kirill llozanço. Neurosurgeon at the “acibadem sistina” clinical hospital. There are several techniques, but recently minimally invasive open surgery is applied here. With the use of a microscope in order to have a better visual picture.

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The advantage of this method is the fact that the operation is performed with a smaller incision recovery after the Chinese Overseas Canada Number Data operation is faster. And the patient can return home in a short time. When is it done? This intervention is performed to reduce the pressure that the disc causes on the nerves. Therefore, the doctor can recommend this intervention to you even if: you have trouble standing or walking you do not feel improvement after conservative. Treatment if you have a problem with urination you have unbearable pain in your legs or lower back (middle). During the intervention. Open discectomy is performed under general anesthesia.

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After waking up from anesthesia

It is done with a 2-3 cm incision in the skin. Therefore, Sometimes part of the bone tissue is removed. For a clearer visual picture of the disc.without damaging the nerve root. Therefore, This is UK WhatsApp Number List called a laminectomy or laminotomy. After the lamina of the vertebra. The disc and the surrounding area are clearly visualized. The part of the disc that has moved from the disc wall, as well as other parts that protrude out of the disc space, is removed or removed. In this part of the operation. In our hospital we routinely.  Use an operating microscope which provides more illumination and magnification or increased visibility in this area. In this way. Therefore, A better protection of the nerve root is possible.

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