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Are you looking for the best Marketing blogs in 2016 ? Do you know which were the most valued Social Media blogs in 2016? In this compilation I tell you which were the 15 most outstanding blogs in 2016 according to the 2016 Bitácoras Awards, and at the end of the article I recommend a series of great blogs where you can learn a lot about Marketing, SEO or WordPress. Without a doubt, high quality blogs to follow and learn in 2017! You have seen many blog rankings in the last year, and in 2017 you will surely continue to see many more. Marketing and There are a thousand ways to create a ranking, and the one I have chosen today is a list according to the latest Bitácoras Awards.

There is a lot of talk

About these Awards, some in favor either because of the visibility or web traffic they provide, others against because they say that they are not neutral and anyone executive email list can be among the finalists if they mobilize people to vote for them. Now I ask, if it is easy to get to the final, why doesn’t everyone make it? If it’s not interesting, why have all the big Blogs ever participated in these Awards? To answer this, I will leave you some advantages and disadvantages of participating in these Awards . Advantages of participating in the Bitácoras Awards Help improve the visibility of your Brand Improve your reputation as a blogger They allow you to improve relationships with other professionals.

Marketing and increase web

Therefore, Traffic to your Blog You will get high quality and authoritative links. Disadvantages of participating in the Bitácoras Awards You have to spend time. Creating BTC Database AS strategies to get votes You burn your brand image by. Sending messages to followers asking for votes If you ask many. Times to vote for you on your networks, you could damage your brand. You will earn a lot of envy every time you finish among. The top 10 Now you decide if it is worth participating in awards like these or not. I am very clear about it, if it is worth it . Since I was among the finalists, the visibility of my blog. Has increased greatly, many job opportunities and new professional contacts have arisen.

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