Market Your Ecommerce Store

Google Ads offers you plenty of options on ways to advertise your products.

This is up to what kind of advertising you want to focus on. The five kinds of ads to choose from: search, display, shopping, video and universal app ads.

Facebook Ads allow you to launch campaigns that target specific users or types of users.

This is a good option because the cost is inexpensive if you compare with other options.

Social media is a great way to engage with your potential customers. You are free to promote your business products here!

Nice graphic designs can be a factor which attracts people to have a look at your product.

You can use Canva or Photoshop to create images and graphics

This allows your website to be more visible in the search engine results pages.

Your website will be rank as highly as possible so you will get more traffic.

Add Yoast SEO plugin in your WordPress or WooCommerce site to make it your site an SEO-friendly website.

Other options recommended are Ahrefs, SEMrush, Ubersuggest for keyword research

ActiveCampaign helps your biz list ecommerce site to retain customers, sell more products and avoid cart abandonment by providing marketing automation software

Having chatbot could be the factor that makes your business interesting and separates you from the rest.

Many advantages such as improving customer service and increasing sales.

The purpose of Hootsuite is to schedule updates and interact with current and potential customers.

This platform allows you to watch people’s opinions about your brand, schedule social media updates and get access to powerful analytics.

Fiverr offers freelancers that can help your business to operate.

In other words, fiverr helps small business work with freelancers.

Some of the tasks that freelancers can do are product research, photography, description and many more.

How to add a jobs tab to your facebook page workable university

Phone Number List

Facebook is also another option for you to look for freelancers.

You can do this by providing the BTC Database AS platform for people to apply for a position on the page of your company.

Ecommerce research tools
the top ecommerce websites throughout southeast asia and it is hugely popular.

This platform is an online department store and marketplace for retailers to sell their products. You should take advantage of putting your products here!

Study the demand of the market and see how you can get your products to be up there.

Shopee is an online shop which provides a regular web shopping experience for customers.

You can so some research to see top-selling products and also research the demand.

18. Alibaba express

Alibaba express is an ecommerce retail giant based in china.

This retail giant displays products from various suppliers around the world and you can sell your products here too.

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