A little marketing trick that could change everything

A little marketing  I have to send you a little warning. When I usually put this type of titles, expectations are usually very high, so I have decided to add later “if you already generate sales” in parentheses. I can’t do magic so if you still don’t sell anything, you don’t generate visits to your store or if you are already applying it you can stop here and save yourself reading the rest.

The marketing trick that takes advantage of the default effect

A little marketing   that takes advantage of the “default” effect Have top industry data you ever booked a trip online before? If you read this blog it is very likely that the answer is “yes”. You’ve probably already been close to falling into this trap or even been caught at times. In many cases there is the option at the end of the reservation process to take out additional insurance. It has happened to me more than once that I have hired one without really wanting it. Now you will say. “Is this your trick? Deceive people?” No, of course not. You can take advantage of the same effect but without leaving that bittersweet taste in the mouth of the client who feels cheated.

Offer the possibility of contracting a minimum product for less money

Offer the possibility of contracting a minimum product for less BTC Database AS money I remind you that what we are looking for is a positive effect on the client so let’s go there. The idea is to give the user the possibility of choosing whether he can stand or sit during his flight. Buying running shoes with or without laces. To buy milk by bringing your own container. Fix your car with your own hands by renting the tools and space.

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