List of Top 10 Online News

The more societies or communities are developed, the more means of communication are needed. Among the means of communication are newspapers. Newspapers play an important role in our lives because through newspapers we know what is happening through news in the local area, in the country or in the world.

However, nowadays. Most of these newspaper companies have problems selling their newspapers because of the existence of the internet where people can easily get news at their fingertips without buying newspapers like before. As a result, many newspaper companies suffered losses in terms of newspaper sales and advertising.

Therefore, these newspaper companies need to change drastically and need to. Online their newspapers as soon as possible to keep up with the latest developments.

They also need to invest in website development

Where, if their online newspaper has high traffic then they can sell advertising packages in their online newspaper with so call lists much and a higher “Rate”. Through advertising they can make a profit for their company.

Here I list 10 online news / newspapers that have high “Organic traffic” on may 20, 2019 on their website.

The star is an english language daily newspaper in malaysia which is famous as the largest english language newspaper in malaysia in terms of readership, which is about 290,000-300,000 readers, according to the audit bureau of circulations, the star is a member of the asia news network.

The star’s majority shares are owned by the malaysian chinese association (mca), the second largest component party within barisan nasional.

Its rivals are the new straits times and the sun

The online newspaper malaysiakini began when there was a need. To report on the dismissal and arrest of the deputy BTC Database AS prime. Minister, datuk seri anwar ibrahim in 1998. Premesh chandran, a former reporter for the sun who was. Then working with the malaysian trades union congress (mtuc) founded. Malaysiakini .Premesh wrote the paper titled ‘the daily diet – it’s free, fast and true’.

Funds of rm30,000 were successfully collected and bought a cafe in ss2, petaling jaya as a website operation center. The name malaysiakini.Com was registered in april 1999.

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