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Case studies are helpful but will never mention any pitfalls. Takeaway: ask potential vendors for trade references who you can speak with directly when evaluating a new service. 8. What are the costs, and how do i get buy-in. As you get closer to making a decision on new marketing technology, price becomes an increasingly important factor. Costs should always be balanc against benefits. This all comes down to knowing your objectives and understanding your numbers. If you are currently doing x with y resources, how much more could you do with z. The research you do before pitching a new martech product to key stakeholders will be invaluable. They will want to see evidence of growth potential and efficiencies afford by their investment.

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Get extra advice on asking decision-makers for more budget. Youll also ne to get buy-in from the people wholl use this technology on a daily basis. They may be concern that their jobs will be less viable if technology helps pick up the slack. Reassure them that any investment in technology is an investment business database in their future careers and helps them do more in the long term. Remember, without their buy-in, itll be difficult to guarantee the new software is us to the best of its capabilities, and this may potentially result in poor outcomes. Takeaway: involving key stakeholders early in the process will help ensure a smooth decision-making process.

Each Message You Send

What kind of onboarding and ongoing support is provid. While some software will work intuitively out of the box, more complex solutions will require significant hand-holding and ongoing support. You must understand the availability, costs, and timescales of onboarding and support packages. Any delays relating to onboarding or support BTC Database AS could significantly impact the delivery of time-sensitive campaigns. If the rollout of a new piece of marketing technology has the potential to impact negatively on a peak marketing period (like the holiday season), you should consider delaying any implementation until it can be successfully manag. Takeaway: coordinate your efforts across the organization.

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