It’s hard to beat text message marketing

It’s hard to beat text message marketing campaigns for timely updates you know your audience will see. Americans are constantly checking their phones — about 344 times a day. According to reviews.Org. And mckinsey reports sms messages have the highest read rates out of any commercial messaging channel. With an open rate of 42%. This combination makes sms text messages the ideal channel for time-sensitive event communication. Sms and email are a powerful marketing combination Sms and email are a powerful marketing combinationOur sms marketing platform makes it easy to send powerful text campaigns with confidence

You can use sms messages to hype event lineups

 Send ticket qr codes. Provide attendees with session time updates. Or even provide interactive content during the event.For example. Event attendees may opt in to receive messages. So they can be the first to hear who the headlining speaker is or receive a mobile ticket. And then. Once they have opt. In. You can notify them of important europe email list  information via sms throughout the conference. Such as which conference space their sessions are in.Example of an sms message promoting an event.Source

According to simpletexting

 Special offers 50% of consumers said they would be more likely to opt in to sms messages from a business if they knew they would receive time-sensitive promotions. Through audience segmentation and marketing automation. Marketing teams can personalize the promotions to each consumer. Increasing the value and connection to the brand. Sms marketing for special offers could be as simple as promoting My Blog flash sales or as specific as sending a discount code to a customer on their birthday. The key to maintaining the value for the consumer is to use it only for timely or personaliz. Offers. Rather than constantly bombarding them with texts.Example of an sms message promoting a special offer.Source

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