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Along with this community support entrepreneurs have the opportunity to try new and different things from a variety of minds and see which solutions work best for their business and their budget.  powers creative innovation among business teams. It gives them access to resources which enable them to come up with unique solutions for their specific situations. And with the robust community support they can be assur that there are others out there who may have solv the same problems and develop similar solutions. With so many advantages to be had its definitely no wonder that open source software is being embrac by so many small and miumsiz businesses.

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In todays competitive tech environment businesses can always rely on open source software to be their partner in their establishment and success.By Community Team October th On this day in American computer company Control Data Corporation CDC releas the CDC computer the SMS Gateway Hungary worlds most powerful computer at the time and one of the first commercially successful transistoriz computers. Seymour Cray and was us in various applications by the US Navy the US Defense Atomic Support Agency and NASA. tech history today in tech Post in General comments Projects of the Week October Why Entrepreneurs Love Open Source Software Responses James Musil says Oct at pm I us a CDC when I was in engineering school.

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We f it batch cards. Programm in Fortran. It was awesome for its time. MJ says Oct at pm These little news stories are great thank you but they would be better if when you click on the Learn More link in your email you actually got more than just the same paragraph with an add picture nice Btc Databaseas thought the picture is. Please could you do fuller stories in future For example I would like to know some technical specifications what some examples were of the various applications it was us for etcetera. Id also love to know what that gold.

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