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Blog If you do it right you will be able to analyze the results obtain much better. Increase your community of followers and get Leads Increase your conversions to Leads Branding and brand recognition online reputation Improve positioning Increase traffic to your website or blog and website Customer loyalty . Define your audience. Who do you write content for Obviously a BC public individuals is not the same as a BB public companies. Their reading and buying behavior is radically different so it directly influences your content strategy. Find out The interests and nes of your audience.

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The preferences they have regarding the type of content they prefer to read or watch Determine which channels they visit and how often What kind of content do you like Etc . Include your content in the Sales Funnel of your company work the contents in the Sales  the relationship they have Bulk SMS New Zealand with respect to the temperature of the traffic and the level of awareness of your target audience. To give you an idea what is involv in applying your content strategy in the sales funnel You can never offer commercial information to an audience that does not know you cold traffic with a low level of awareness.

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The content here plays a very important role so that it discovers you or reflects on its ne and thus introduces it into your Funnel. You are going to reach a temperate audience by offering them a wellwork Lead Magnet and once again content in its different formats is the best option.  you must influence their purchase decision Lead Nurturing again the content marketing strategy is extremely important to accelerate their purchase process. . Work on an SEO content strategy I have already told you about it before but it is important to emphasize the concept again. Writing good quality content implies a very important SEO factor where part of the search intention of the target audience to end the selection.

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