It assists you optimising the e-commerce site

You can sign up with companies providing a payment gateway for your sales transactions.

Companies such as billplz and senangpay are the most common choices. They have excellent track records in providing seamless payment integration for online businesses.

Not having a payment gateway yet? Some customers prefer bank transfer so you can just put your bank account somewhere on your website.

However, this approach should be on a short-term basis before you impose a proper payment gateway.

For shipping, you may deal with local courier companies. It is to ensure your shipment delivers as fast as it can to the customers.

Now, without further ado, here are several online business ideas you can start today.

What Kind Of Business You Can Start

You could be someone who does the talking or someone on the back of the camera.

How do you make money? Be as an influencer or promoter for products or services.

2. Facebook post writer

If you enjoy sharing tips and buy telemarketing call list stories on your facebook profile, you can leverage your wordsmithing skill into a profitable business.

Make yourself known, and offer services for those who are looking to improve their facebook profile or pages’ branding.

3. Sales consultant

Every company needs someone who can bring money to the table. Someone who is willing to endure rejections, soaking up in the hot weather, drenching wet in the rain and make a sale.

Although most companies do online, several companies are still prefering the old fashioned way.


Leverage on your social media presence to get as many as customers as you can

This applies to kindred spirit categories such as insurance agent, wealth management consultant and so on.

7. Social media content manager

If you can also show people how to BTC Database AS leverage their social media pages into a money-making machine, it’s a no-brainer to fill your pipeline with this type of business.

Lots of business owners don’t have time to update posts.

Grab the chance, and you could turn this small service into a five-figure side business.

8. Online marketing expert

There is a quote says, ‘if you’ve got it, flaunt it.’

You have skills. Expertise. Years of experience. Proven results.

I am talking about becoming an online marketing expert. Someone who knows the right way to market products and services on the internet.

Show businesses how to turn their services into a monthly money machine.


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