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On Page  the annoying Yoast traffic light which honestly generates a lot of anxiety in people. Download WordPress Plugin All In One SEO . RankMath Rankmath is one of the last players to enter the game in the universe of SEO plugins and the truth is that he has done it through the front door. In a very short time it has position itself as the best SEO Plugin for WordPress due to its many advanc configuration options which being free make it an advance over its competitors. Data keyword analysis through LSI Latent Semantic Index and SEO monitoring of your main keywords among many other aspects. Download SEO Plugin for WordPress RankMath.

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Google XML Sitemap If you are working on positioning you already know that you have to send Google a Sitemap of your website periodically so that it indexes you correctly. Doing it by hand can be expensive so Google XML Sitemap does all the Bulk SMS Hong Kong work for you.  of the best WordPress plugins to do this job and let it send all the information to Google Download WordPress Google XML Sitemap Plugin . Google Analytics for WordPress It is also essential to have this simple program that will allow you to link your Analytics account without having to enter code in a very simple way.

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The Google Analytics for WordPress Plugin integrates website and allows you to monitor all the statistics of your website.  to do is put a simpletracking code on your website and it will work. Download Plugin for Worpress Google Analytics . Rirection Rirection is a very simple free Plugin but at the same time very presenting. Its functionality lies in helping you to do or rirects in an efficient way and without having to touch code. You enter the URL to change and the Btc Databaseas one you want to receive the rirection and its done. Download WordPress Rirection Plugin Best WordPress plugins to optimize loading spe pluginspe The spe with which your website loads is essential to.

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