In our article we will tell

In our article we will tell. What to advertise? Situational content promotional product or service. Important news , special offer , etc. The first official exchange for advertising in groups. Odnoklassniki and the Birdbox service have launch. A monetization service for communities. The project will allow advertisers to place ads in specialize communities of. The social network and provide group administrators with additional monetization opportunities. Any group with more than thousand members can connect to the exchange. The exchange will have the ability. To print the reach of posts , allowing advertisers to correctly plan placements. Who benefits from using it? Community administrators. What to advertise? Paid posts.

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Mobile advertising carousel . The format allows the advertiser to photo editing servies create from three to five slides , attaching a different link to each of them. In this way , you can show several product properties or different products. The advertiser will have access to dynamic remarketing and a recommendation algorithm. Bas on the user’s interest in a certain product , the advertising system will be able to independently select ads that are relevant to him bas on his preferences. For the ” carousel” all format targeting settings are available in the social network fe. Who benefits from using it.

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Advertisers who seek to increase. The effectiveness of advertising BTC Database AS on social networks , as well as mia clients. What to advertise? This is an opportunity to show more information about. The product in an interactive form to those users who are interest in it.  Selling goods through a social network. You can sell a product by placing an ad in the form of a post in an open community. The launch of a tool for selling goods is the social network s first step into classifi territory. In the future, Odnoklassniki is considering the possibility of integration with the Mail.

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