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Itself in We recommend PR goals – how to achieve them? internal employer branding is as important as external One of the internal employer branding tools is a transparent and fair remuneration and bonus system. When implementing them, the business owner should always keep in mind the words of Ludwig von Mises, the Austrian economist, who warns that “The employee does not owe his employer subservience and obeience. He only owes him a service for which he receives payment, which is not a favor, but a well-deserve remuneration.” When formulating the assumptions of internal employer branding, we must remember that for many.

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Employees “work is an extension of personality. It’s achievements. It’s one way to define yourself and your worth” (Peter Drucker). Their nees, preferences and dreams should be the only point of photo editor reference for the employer. Good to know: What is internal and external employer branding? Today, employer branding is not only a trending turn in HR circles, but also a tool that is gaining in importance for business. Internal employer branding means constantly taking care of the company’s image among employees and shaping positive opinions about the workplace.

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Employer branding activities that emphasize these elements will certainly not go unnotice by candidates choosing the right company for them. Although the term employer branding itself is only about 30 years old, research analyzing the relationship between employer branding and business success sees interesting correlations. LinkeIn’s summary shows that organizations with excellent opinions as employers can count on a 28% lower BTC Database AS staff turnover and a 50% reuction in employment costs. For many companies, this means millions of dollars in annual savings. These results are also confirme by Randstad’s observations.

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