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I look forward to these history in tech moments each month. Im female and back in those s while working in DC I us PCs by day usually with defense contractors. I get smiles and rais eyebrows from younger folks when  access to an intranet of sorts among other knowlge really hating that DOS system and having the singular pleasure of using Apple for a small newspaper business in the evening.Apple but in did buy a Lenovo laptop. Of course my phone will always be an iPhone however. I just would like to reiterate that we dont than to have been a part of this tech movement.

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Says Nov at am Apple didnt invent graphical menu driven OS Xerox did Delano Strachen says Nov at pm Has Microsoft ever put out the best application in any category Ni says Nov at am Excel. Delano Strachen says Dec at am After Quatro Pro had more functions than Excel. Borland was superior to Microsoft. Andy Roberts says Nov at am IMHO their software development environment takes some Bulk SMS Bahrain beating Dave Simpson says Nov at pm Thats not exactly how I recall what happen. Bill given the contract to devekop the DOS OS for IBM. Bill had the nouse to have allow himthem to cowrite their own very similar version of DOS for their own small start up company Microsoft.

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There was no Aquiring requir. Jack Brosch says Nov at am Fire In the Valley GREAT book on the history of the PC and operating systems well worth the read.By Community Team November th Here are the featur projects for the week which appear on the front page of SourceForge.net HP Linux Btc Databaseas Imaging and Printing The HewlettPackard Linux Imaging and Printing Project provides a unifi single and multifunction connectivity solution for Linux. For support and help please visit httpslaunchpad.nethplip Download HP Linux Imaging and Printing libsdlandroid Port of SDL library to Android mobile.

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