How To Write One That Converts In 3 Months

You might be familiar with the term “landing page” if you’ve depleted a hefty amount of time on online advertising.

But what is a landing page? And how does it work? Is it that important?

The first step in building connection between your company and a potential. Consumer is through the conversion of a visitor into a lead.

Plummeting into the world of digital marketing, seo, and paid search advertising, you are bound to encounter a bunch of technical jargons and concepts.

Fret not, this article has everything you need to know about landing pages and how they work.

What is a landing page?

Just as it suggests, a landing page is the first page a visitor “lands on” after clicking on a link.

A landing page could almost be everything- a home page, service page, contact page, or even a lead capture page.

However when it comes to the realm of marketing

Landing pages are usually a standalone page- different from a home page or other pages- which serves a single purpose:

To convert visitors into leads.

Therefore, a home page is not eligible to be a phonelist landing page as it is not designed to convert traffic from a particular marketing campaign.

You might want people to take certain actions from your landing page including making them subscribe to a newsletter, become a lead by submitting a form, or reach out to you.

Take a look at the following example of an effective landing page

Landing page
A good landing page is persuasive enough BTC Database AS to convince a potential lead that it’s worthy of providing. Personal details as a trade for anything you have to offer.

These conversion actions intend to accomplish the same goal- to turn people into paying customers- in which, ultimately, the goal of any landing page.

Creating a landing page may seem like an easy task, however, developing one that leads to conversion can be quite daunting.

It is inevitable for you to be wondering about how it fits into your marketing strategy. Here are some elements for you to consider upon creating one.

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