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How it works can also be attribute to Yandex’s innovation – this is a short answer to the question on the requeste page. For example, a currency calculator, which is displaye under the search bar. There was a possibility of spelling correction of the query in the search engine, and the issue was forme both with and without a typo. Kaliningrad Pop-up search suggestions made it possible to quickly enter the requeste information in the address bar. The results of Yandex issuance began to be forme individually according to the preferences and interests of the user. For example, if frequent requests were for pastries.

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Entering the word napoleon in the issue will result in the results of the Napoleon dessert, and not the name and data about the commander. From that moment on, the issue became photo editor individual for a particular user. Dublin As a result of the analysis of the user’s history over a long period of time, an issue was forme. At the same time, preferences were analyze in real time on newly forme user requests. Nachalovo Yandex links were cancele when ranking. This affecte only the commercial issues of the city of Moscow. Good to know: What is a semantic core, how to assemble for a website SEO in Odessa

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This algorithm, there have been changes in the design of search results. When answering the request, pop-up information windows appeare that did not require a transition to a new page of the site. It could be brief information about exchange rates, the flight scheule, and even listening to audio right at the time of working with the search line. Later search left this innovation. The search engine as a result of the BTC Database AS issuance issue an additional window with a brief description of the requeste resource. Yandex could issue the issue with the help of million cards. The new Minusinsk algorithm from Yandex.

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