How can brands benefit from Pinterest utilities in their marketing campaigns

Within its multiple applications and the enormous growth that the company has experienced over the years. This platform has also become a magnificent tool to enhance brands’ marketing objectives. Starting from this idea, often unexplored due to lack of knowledge. The company itself will participate in a free webinar with TERRITORY Influence with the aim of sharing the keys to correct use of the platform when promoting marketing campaigns. This will take place on September 27 at 4:00 p.m. and will feature Sergio Núnez Díaz, Senior Partner Manager of Pinterest and Natasha Carolina Duic. Marketing Manager of TERRITORY Influence, as speakers.

What is the Pinterest Webinar

Pinterest and TERRITORY Influence will category email list focus on several objectives. On the one hand, they will reveal how brands can benefit from Pinterest’s ROI (Return of Inspiration). Therefore, it is a magnificent opportunity for those brands seeking to boost their sales through the platform. In addition, they will share advice aimed at content creators, with the aim of helping them turn their ideas into action. Recommendations will be offered. How to create content relevant to users behind their various motivations. Likewise, concepts that help create a general idea. To use the application will be reviewed, such as how pinners’ portraits work . 

How pinners' portraits work

Another point that will be addressed BTC Database AS within this web conference has to do with the results of the surveys that. TERRITORY Influence carried out with consumers and content creators throughout. Europe with the aim of obtaining insights into the knowledge and use of Pinterest. Some of the questions that were included in this questionnaire sought to know what type of content they look for or create on the platform , its frequency of use, what content is most relevant to consumers or what differentiates Pinterest from other platforms such as Instagram.

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