Hire In House Digital Marketer or Agency

Another branch in the discipline of coaching, business coaching is a lucrative online business.

Show your expertise and you will see a swarm of business owners begging for your consulting.

You can make a lot of money, but surely you must be someone who is passionate to help clients and deliver outstanding results.

15. Commercial car dealer

This is not typo, but a real deal.

A decade ago, nobody thought selling cars online worth a shot. Let alone nobody does.

This gentleman is living proof that car salesmen can do online business selling dozens of cars every month.


This is one of the evergreen niches in online business malaysia

Put your talent in arts and design for good use as businesses and companies are looking for these people.

You could offer services such as web design, logo design, business card design, social media post images and t-shirt design.

I’ve seen many web developers calling lists offer a service to businesses who are craving for a stunning, mobile-friendly website.

Improving a website’s structure and design is a much-needed service.

You can stand out from the “web design” crowd, though, by offering more than just design; creating a website that sells.

Ecommerce seems to be a hot topic today, so why not ride it?

You can create an online store to sell other people’s products or sell your own.

Sourcing for products is much easier these days. You can get products from china, japan or even from indonesia.

The only major drawback is you have to burn lots of money for getting qualified traffic to your website.

This is a massive opportunity for those who active on facebook


You could offer the service to manage a facebook group on behalf of the group’s owner.

The job scopes? You must be willing to engage with the group members, update posts frequently and monitor every post and comment.

On a slightly lighter note…

20. Aunt/uncle bawang army post commenter

Malaysian’s ‘bawang army’ is one BTC Database AS of the formidable force in social media.

Although not an actual job opportunity, this could the most frightening career ever made online.

Remember how a relentless ‘onion army’ shut down a foreigner facebook page after one sensitive issue affected our country?

You could be the commander of a troop of ‘onion army’ (albeit not the negative one), marching your arrays of post commenters to help business owners who want their post gets noticed.

More comments = more engagement = more people seen = more prospects = sales.

The last time I heard this type of job is called ‘ninja’ – facebook post or video paid commenters.

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