Heineken makes a big media mistake in its new outdoor campaign

We are all human and make mistakes, but this is the true intention of this company. Therefore, heineken wanted to interact with its consumers with its new outdoor campaign by displacing the texts on its billboards. To celebrate the brewing process of its beer, Heineken has launched this new interactive outdoor campaign to support the campaign already created by Saatchi & Saatchi Australia. Therefore, the campaign shows a horizontal flavor story that is too big for its vertical locations,” the company defends.

support the campaign already created by Saatchi & Saatchi Australia

In this video we can see a girl surprised top industry data when she sees the Heineken advertisement. Therefore, she tries to read what is written. But finds it difficult because it is “poorly placed.” To read it correctly. The young woman opens her camera application and she can immediately read the text horizontally. “Horizontal brewing is the tailored approach that gives our A yeast more surface area to thrive . This results in a refreshing first sip that never goes out of style. Even after 150 years. Therefore, natural ingredients are used to help the east work. Our Brewmasters swear by them. And with a cold Heineken near this ad, why not go to your local and try it for yourself,” the text says.

Brewing techniques that give them that refreshing first sip

Says Willemijn Sneep, country BTC Database AS manager, Heineken Australia: “The aim is for people to understand the brewing techniques that give them that refreshing first sip. Therefore, Focusing on the unique benefits of horizontal brewing brings to life Heineken’s functional point of difference for consumers.” Piero Ruzzene , creative director of Saatchi & Saatchi Australia, commented, in statements reported by Campaign Brief , about this new campaign as while most beers are made in vertical tanks, Heineken is made horizontally. Therefore, heineken decided to run with what appears to be a big media mistake to engage beer lovers with their key point of difference.

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