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supporting xdbg over all these years Development has slow in the past year but xdbg is being us a lot so thank you Download xdbg Tags debugger featur FOSS Open Source project of the month xdbg Post in Community Showcase General Project of the Month Comments disabl Community Choice Project of the Month Vote December Projects of the Week November Comments are clos.By Community Team October th T SourceForge Project of the Month is now available and will run until November UTC. To cast your vote please visit the link above.  of this blog post will not be count. Jaspersoft Studio Jaspersoft Studio is iting software for JasperReports. It will help you design and run report templates build report queries write complex expressions layout components like

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types of charts maps tables crosstabs custom visualisations. It integrates JasperReports Server to create powerful report workflows. You can build documents of any complexity from your data. Printready PDFs to interactive dynamic HTML with navigation inside or outside the report. High quality PowerPoint RTF Word spreadsheet documents or raw CSV JSON or XML. exporter to suit any ne. Different types Bulk SMS Oman of data sources are accessible big data CSV Hibernate Jaspersoft Domain JavaBeans JDBC JSON NoSQL XML or custom data source. Available as an Eclipse plugin or a standalone application it comes in two itions Community and Professional.

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The Professional ition includes additional features maps advanc HTML charts and professional support. Download Jaspersoft Studio XigmaNAS The XigmaNAS NAS operating system can be install on virtually any x hardware platform to share computer data storage over a computer network. XigmaNAS is the simplest and fastest way to create a centraliz and easilyaccessible server for all kind of data XigmaNAS supports sharing Btc Databaseas across Windows Apple and UNIXlike systems. It includes ZFS Software RAID disk encryption S.M.A.R.T email reports etc. with following protocolsservices CIFSSMB samba Samba AD FTP NFS v TFTP AFP RSYNC Unison

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