Get Insights Quickly With Google Analytics Dashboards

Make sure to add the google analytics tracking code to your store so google will start tracking traffic. After everything is set up correctly, you’ll start seeing data in your reporting tab.

This is where all the process happens so let’s get familiar with it.

Besides information on the audience of your website’s visitors, google analytics uses acquisition, behavior and conversions, which describes the customer journey as visitors move through your e-commerce store and make purchases.

You’ll find these sections in the reporting tab.

The main goal of e-commerce analytics is making a sale

Every time a visitor makes a purchase, it counts as a completed goal and shows up in your analytics reports.

To start, click on the admin free telemarketing leads tab in the main menu at the top of the page.

On the right-hand side, you should see the ‘goals’ sub-menu. Click on ‘goals’.

Select a template and then select ‘place an order’ on the drop-down menu. Now click the blue ‘next step’ button.

You can add goal such as place an order

Purchase or use templates given. Leave it checked as ‘destination’ under type.

The final step is to define the url of the thank you page.

This setting is crucial BTC Database AS because it will show you exactly whether visitors are completing the purchase or not on your e-commerce site.

Most e-commerce platforms’ thank you page has ’/checkout/thank_you’ as seen below. Leave the monetary value turned off. Turn the funnel optional switch to ‘on’.

Now you must list the pages and their respective url that your visitor goes through during your checkout process.


Once you’ve completed all the relevant steps, click ‘verify this goal’.

Make sure the percentage is more than 0% (unless your store is brand new and had no sales yet) so you know you got the destination url correct.

Now you’ll start seeing conversion data for your reports.


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