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CEIDG – summary The term “change project” no longer arouses such emotions as it us to. We live in times when we encounter the term “change” every day. It is an integral part of our existence. Of course, in our articles we mainly deal with changes relat to. That may expose business activity, and this publication will be no different. This time we will deal with a new bill. That may expose including changes to CEIDG. What is CEIDG? The abbreviation CEIDG means that we are talking about the Central. Registration and Information on Economic Activity. This is a register of entrepreneurs – natural persons. Who run non-agricultural business activities.

The register contains entries

Relat to starting a business, but also information about the suspension or termination of running a business. CEIDG includes, among others Number nip REGON number Name, surname, company name Address data Date of commencement, suspension, resumption or cessation of business activity PKD codes for business activities Attorneys/proxies Succession manager philippines photo editor Bank account numbers Form of taxation Addresses relat to business activities Any change relat to the business activity conduct should be updat in an application submitt to CEIDG within days from the date of its occurrence. The Act on the Central Registration and Information on Economic Activity and the Entrepreneur Information Point contains detail information on the principles of operation of CEIDG. Purpose of the changes introduc in CEIDG.

As can be read

In the justification to the draft act, the purpose of the introduc changes is to implement solutions aim at simplifying the process of starting and running a business by entrepreneurs. Additionally, it is important to expand the scope of information publish via BTC Databaseas CEIDG, especially since approximately % of users positively evaluate the services offer. To meet the expectations of service recipients and taking into account changes in the legal and economic environment.

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