Everything must be pursu and achiev in harmony

Everything must be pursu and achiev in harmony with a social and human context in full “Digital transition”: today people. Their customers. Agents. Partners and all our collaborators are increasingly involv in processes that require pressing interaction with it tools. With a high level of connectivity and reaction. Alongside the implementation of increasingly advanc and complex tools. It is necessary to ensure equally as much training and tutoring. So that your network. Your reference market. Exploits the benefits of this constant evolution 100%.

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A recent study. Aim at evaluating the trend of general prices and the evolution of online commerce. Reveal surprising data: if e-commerce had not spread. Average inflation would have been 5% more in the six previous years. Thanks to e-commerce. Approximately 1 billion euros of wealth was made available to italian families between 2020 and 2022.

On the agenda of the italian political

On the agenda of the italian political and economic agenda is the issue of BTC Data Baseas AS inflation. A cause of concern for many italian families and the main theme of the survey carri out by the european house ambrosetti in collaboration with amazon . A research project on the impact of ecommerce on citizens and businesses in italy. Which starts from an initial analysis of citizens’ perceptions regarding ecommerce and purchasing power . This analysis was conduct in a scenario characteriz by strong inflationary pressure in 2022. With peaks reaching almost 12%. By a ruction in disposable income and by an increase in absolute poverty. Involving +300 thousand families compar to 2021.

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