Essential Digital Marketing articles in 2016

Tired of entering a blog and not knowing how to find the most interesting or read articles on the site? In this post I want to make that search easier for you and to do so I have created a compilation with the 10 best Digital Marketing articles on my blog in 2016. The year 2016 is ending and I don’t want to say goodbye to you without writing one last article. This year was very good for my personal brand and for the blog. Essential Digital The blog has gone from 35,000 visits in a month, 1 year ago, to exceeding 150,000 in some months of this year and the personal.

Brand has gained a

Lot of visibility to the point of starting to give my first in-person classes, my 1st presentation at events and the invitation to debut as an international speaker in 2017, the executive data new image of the blog… With these results I can only say that it was a very good year. There have also been less good or happy moments, like everything in life… but I like to focus on the positive in life and that’s why I leave the rest as personal learning . So, as the last article of the year I want to make a summary of the best blog content in 2016. I hope they are useful to you! Also very useful content since many people wrote to thank me because they had found work after improving their CVs with some of these CV templates, and this leaves me super happy with this content.

Essential Digital a collection

Of Free and Premium resume models with the best formats that. You can use to get unique and attractive CVs for recruiters. And thus be more successful in your job BTC Database AS search. Are you looking for a job? This post could be very useful to you. In this article we talk about engagement strategies on social platforms. And how you can generate a quality community on social networks. Through different types of content that are succeeding in Online Marketing.

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