Conversion is essential in a blog if you

Minimum viable product first before launching yourself into a sale that you do not know how it will work. Focus your content on conversion I have already read your post And now what One of the big mistakes many companies make when creating their content strategy is that they create exceptional articles but then they dont know how to convert them into Leads.  want to sell online with your content marketing. So think about strategy use appropriate marketing tools and try to get people to do what you ask. Design an attractive blog that encourages pleasant reading. Think of total quality as a toptier marketing strategy.

You can have the best posts

Your content marketing will get better results. Include calls to action for your blog. It is useless that they have read you and like what you indicate if they then leave without doing anything. Think global. multichannel content in the world the best product or service but without a good web positioning nobody will read your posts you will Bulk SMS Services in Ghana not have visits and consequently no sales. Your next objective is to know how to treat Google as well or better than users. If you do not follow their SEO positioning recommendations it will be difficult for you to be on the first page of Google results so unfortunately you will be invisible.

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I suggest you follow these

How to design your content marketing strategy I want to teach you how to create an effective content strategy for your website so steps. . Audit your content before starting If you have been creating articles on your blog for a while before starting I recommend that you audit your content to see if they are working or not. It is important that you know what metrics and KPIs you are having with those articles see if thanks to SEO you are positioning them and the average volume of visits they bring you among other aspects. . Define the objectives to be achiev It is very important to define what you really want to achieve with your.

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