Connect with your user speak to them in their

Connect with your user speak to them in their language give them information about. What they looking for clear and direct Objective of the text define. What you want to achieve in the reader of your article do you want to provide. Them with knowlge information do you want to entertain them inspire them or do you want to convince them to buy a product or service from you according to that find the st format and the st path. Emotional and rational . Define the structure it very important that you clear about the structure of your article and the content that you going to include in it so that you do not improve and avoid filler paragraphs.

SEVEN, by Gabriel Jefferies

Length important but yond length the quality depth and originality of the content. So it defines a ginning a middle and an end. Determines main title subtitles highlights additional resources. The opening and closing paragraphs must attractive mobile app development service substantial and leave a clear message and a call to action Quality and well-written content google rewards articles that really have quality content. To know if your text meets these two charactertics you can ask yourself questions such as do I have original content in my text do.

McKinsey Model 7S

I provide complete in-depth interesting and differential information compar to what found on other sites my text free of spelling and style errors the main title of my article descriptive and useful to my readers if you want to know other useful questions BTC Database AS to evaluate your texts fore publhing them click here The importance of titles or headings create a main title (h ) that captures the attention of your readers and make sure it no more than characters so that it appears complete in search engines.

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