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This is the question my young students, but also seo expate bd professionals, ask me every day. tips to become a Web Marketing Manager & digital strategist. But let’s start from the beginning: it was around when, alongside the traditional discipline of marketing, another skill requir by the world of work and companies came to light: knowlge of the web world. The advent of the internet in those years achiev widespread access to private computer networks, creating hundrs of millions of connect users. This l to an increasingly widespread diffusion of personal computers, an increase in the contents and services offer by the network, aiming at usability, accessibility, user-friendly experience and data transfer spe.

In those years social

Platforms were also born and spread which BTC Database AS respond to the ne of individuals to participate on the web but slowly became an alternative online presence to the now traditional site that companies adopt. The large advertising agencies saw a new available market that allow them to provide a complete web corporate identity package that went from the creation of the site to appli graphics and then add a new skill: web strategy. A new figure was emerging and it was the Web Marketing Manager, that is, the person who would follow the company on a strategic level in the web world by integrating it with the company’s corporate communication strategy. Large companies drew on professionals.

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