CALLOUTS Add 25-character snippets to highlight the benefits of your business

For example, some e-commerce brands offer free shipping, 360-day returns, or price-matching services. Or you can use a callout to call attention to a sale or special offer you’re running, such as 25 percent off. Restaurants use them to inform users that they are making an online reservation. You can have up to six callouts in one campaign. 6. STRUCTURED Brazil WhatsApp Number Data DESCRIPTIONS Highlight specific products or their features using structured descriptions. This can help users know they’ve found what they’re looking for and encourage them to click the link.

You can identify these extensions by the colon

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CALL Make it easy to contact your business right from your ad using phone number extensions. These are click-to-call phone numbers that appear in mobile ads. Google can track conversions for these phone numbers, so you’ll always know how you’re doing Austria WhatsApp Number List with those ads. 8. AFFILIATE LOCATIONS Many brands do not sell their products in their stores. Instead, they partner with other retailers to provide their products. In such cases, it is incredibly useful to use affiliate addresses that list third-party retailers where users can find products.

PRICE Posco Since price is a deciding factor

Whether a user will buy your products, using price extensions can improve your click-through rate. Set customer expectations up front and be transparent about what you offer. Buyers will feel more informed, and you won’t have to pay for ad clicks when a user decides you’re too far out of their price range. 10. APPLICATION Many companies now have apps available for download on mobile devices. Providing a link to your app in Google Ads can help increase downloads by offering users another way to interact with your brand.

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