CMOs have the shortest C-suite tenure

After all. If the cmo is requir to create responsive growth strategies in a variety of disciplines from finance to sales. Organizations ne to create processes to handle the response companywide. Not just within the marketing function. Avoiding the pigeon-hole effect that is actually hindering cmos from their full potential. Become a world class digital marketer how to find the perfect cmo having a clear definition of the organizational marketing ne and strategy as well as a clear job description is vital for those wanting to hire a cmo that’s a good ‘fit’ and has long-term goals. Bear in mind that not all cmo roles will be the same and job titles are changing to match the purpose of the role such as chief growth officer or growth marketing manager as report in marketing week. the shortest C-suite tenure

The customer expert

The key is to define the role to suit individual organizations and having a clear understanding of how the cmo will interact with departments will make hiring a lot easier for the c-suite. With such a diverse remit there are different types of cmos to consider: the all-rounder – this type of cmo wears many hats with responsibility for cx. Product strategy. Innovation. Communications. And latest database traditional marketing functions. The customer expert – this type of cmo is laser-focus on the customer from the moment someone interacts with the company to the point where they purchase. It’s not about that one transaction but building a relationship and plotting a seamless customer journey. Picking up vocal brand advocates on the way.

The strategist – this individual lives and breathes strategy

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The strategist – this individual lives and breathes strategy with a focus on what the data means. It’s about extracting value from data and gaining insights that will make a difference to the bottom line. They will also be responsible for innovation. Product design. And customer insight. The marketer – this cmo loves marketing and has vast experience in selling a product with a focus on lead generation. They want to attract prospects. Convert them to customers and build engaging and successful campaigns BTC Database AS that impact the bottom line along the way. Choosing between these roles can be difficult but should involve your company and c-suite asking how much impact consumer insight has on overall strategy. If this is a critical element that affects product development and customer experience. The cmo role should be heavily strategic and enterprise-wide. the shortest C-suite tenure

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