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The conversion rate x opportunities , which was just over 14%, jump to 37.5% in the period analyz! And we can’t forget Paid Mia! When Paid Mia is secondary to a strategy, Content Marketing can help. Now, if Paid Mia is essential… Content Marketing can help By each even more! This is because greater brand recognition , brought by content creation , is capable of rucing mia investment costs. After all, by increasing the lead’s awareness throughout the journey, it becomes easier to convince them to close a deal.

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And as the company offers great products, this strategy fes back : the more sales, the more people have contact with the quality of the Latest database products, the more the brand becomes relevant in the market and the easier it is to attract new buyers! With organic growth, results in Paid Mia tend to get better and better . This is where the union of Marketing and Sales makes all the difference! In words, Patricia Cardoso, Marketing Analyst at SuperPro Bettanin: “Orgânica’s incrible performance in Digital Marketing took our cleaning company to a new level of success throughout Brazil.

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Now you may be wondering: what wasBy each  done to achieve such impressive results ? Firstly, it is important for you to know that, here at Orgânica, content is king ! As the project evolv, we increasingly improv the ntent distribut, connecting it with the level BTC Database AS of awareness of the audience on the different channels. and dicat SEO work , we begin producing strategic content . to the funnel! In the case of SuperPro, it was no different: there was a 41% increase in conversions through Paid Mia and a 172% increase in the generation of opportunities in the period analyz.

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