Brand takeover is the perfect for big brands looking for maximal exposure

This ad placement is perfect to showcase brand awareness objectives that can potentially leave a lasting impact on users.

Therefore, Therefore, brands should really make the most out of this space by making. Tremendously engaging videos as it is guaranteed to reach a high number of impressions.

2. Brand takeover

Similar to topview ads, brand takeover is a full-screen and non-skippable ads delivering strong visual impact.

Therefore,  Brand takeover is created for mass awareness and to drive direct sales. Below is a worldwide recognized lifestyle brand, nike, using this format to promote one of its campaigns.

Tiktok ads malaysia
The format of brand takeover also guarantees wide reach as the entire. Therefore, Screen is clickable making it easy to turn users into leads and leads into prospects.

This type of ads are short and concise with a few seconds of an image or video which allows brands to redirect traffic to a different page.

This engagement format is a way of engaging users for strong

It encourages users to co-create the content by enabling them to participate and create content in accordance to the theme of your campaign.

With branded hashtag challenge, it gives a unique opportunity of turning users into your (unofficial) brand ambassadors in an authentic way.

This enables users to create content for brands at an immense scale.

4. In-feed

Therefore, Tell brand stories with tiktok’s standard ad phone number lists format, in-feed, which allows you to integrate content in users’ for you page.

In-feed ads give users the ability to engage with the content such as liking, commenting, sharing, and even filming videos within the same tiktok sounds.

Each ad features a clickable cta button that directs traffic towards either a) app downloads, b) your brand’s business account, or c) website.

Take a look at how shopee uses a clear cta for their in-feed ads down below:

Just like any other videos of users’ for you page, this type of ads can be easily scrolled past.

Thus, it’s important that your content should be enticing enough to stop them from skipping it.

Ready to take off with tiktok

Therefore,  Now that the astonishing pros of marketing on tiktok have been, revealed, are you ready to build your own brand campaign?

With a variety of ad formats and BTC Database AS features, determining a smart call-to-action can be unsettling.

Whether you’re aiming to generate leads into purchasing a new product or build brand awareness. tiktok ads offer an ample of opportunities for your business to grow across malaysia.

With bomstart media, we are ever-ready to help you to find your groove on tiktok. Henceforth you will be able to fine-tune tangible strategies to achieve appaling results.

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