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Bogna Pilarczyk in the work “Innovations in marketing communication” enumerates that the research conducte among Polish enterprises shows that innovations are most often implemente: – proceural – 88.5% (new, improve technological processes, software, new way of providing services), – product – new improve products, services), – organizational – new methods of organizing business activities, methods of work organization or building external relations). – marketing.

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Is it worth using marketing innovations? The biggest problem may be placing marketing innovations in the context of a long-term business strategy. In research conducte by PwC’s Innovation Benchmark, 54 percent. of respondents admitte that in their Latest Mailing Database company this is the main problem when it comes to implementing new solutions. First, a business strategy, and then an idea for innovation – but then how to include it in the company’s development plan, since it requires turning the entire marketing strategy on its head.

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This is why implementing marketing innovations sometimes requires a shift to an agile marketing model. This allows you to correct assumptions that are no longer valid. Tire of clichéd marketing campaigns? Check what we want to offer you! Enter BTC Database AS your e-mail, we will contact you Assuming, however, that innovations can be place in the context of an already existing business environment, there is no doubt that they are worth implementing. All marketing has been base on innovation since its inception. Masters’ biographies are stories of breakthroughs and new discoveries. In the world of new technologies, the industry has gaine momentum. Marketing innovations are implemente most effectively on the Internet.

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