Based on my observations on these online newspapers

Astro awani is the first 24-hour news channel in malaysia that began broadcasting live on 6 september 2007. Astro awani is currently broadcast on channel 501.

With the tagline of malaysia’s news channel, astro awani presents the latest news and informative shows including current affairs, lifestyle, documentaries, interview shows and local and international magazines. (source: wikipedia)


New straits times (nst) is the oldest english language newspaper in malaysia. Founded in 1845 with the name the straits times and a broadsheet format, this newspaper is the only english-language newspaper in malaysia to ever have that format.

However following the example of the british newspapers

The times and the independent, an attempt of a tabloid version was published in september 2004 and since april 18, 2005, this newspaper has only been published in tabloid format. With this, new telephone list straits times ends its 160-year tradition. New straits times is now sold at the price of malaysian ringgit 1.50

Times is printed by new straits times press which also prints the english language midday newspaper, malay mail, as well as various malay language newspapers, especially berita harian. New straits times is part of the media prima group of companies.

Due to political sensitivities that stipulate that newspapers from one country cannot be sold in another country. Straits times is not sold in malaysia and conversely, new straits times is not sold in singapore.

New straits times has a circulation of approximately 200,000 copies a day

Less than the circulation of the star, its main competitor. Even so, this newspaper is the newspaper of choice for intellectuals and public BTC Database AS officials who speak english because. Unlike the star, this newspaper has an author’s tongue that contains articles on the state of. The country contributed not only by newspaper editors. But also by journalists and intellectuals who are not employees of the newspaper. Therefore, new straits times has been considered as the premier english language newspaper in malaysia.

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