B2B businesses how would you do marketing these days

Print out a dozen business cards?

Cold calling your prospects from morning until your family’s dinner time?

Showing up at trade shows every month?

If marketing seems hard for you, you are not alone.

This SEO case study will help you

Learn the effectiveness of digital marketing strategies for acquiring leads and customers.

– Understand how SEO could catapult your B2B business in 2020 and beyond.

– See the instant result from having a well-built website to generate sales.


As new to the B2B market, the client has opted for social media marketing as their primary marketing strategy.

Getting high quality leads from social media was not entirely phenomenal

The customers were there, but they were not the right audience. In fact, the client’s website was in dire need of an overhaul.

They had virtually no search presence and didn’t have any content on their website to show people that the website is about a product packaging company.

The client reached out to Bomstart Media for help.


Working with Bomstart Media proved to be what the client expected.

We kicked off the collaboration with a discussion about the client’s current concerns and long-term goals.

The first thing we did was revamp the client’s website. The new site was optimized for SEO and mobile.

We then created a content cold calling scripts for bankers plan to push the client’s website to the top of Google search for the targeted keyword.

We produced high-quality content, such as blog posts, to improve the client’s ranking on Google.

The client’s new website was up and running in April 2018

Thanks to the new, SEO-optimized content Bomstart Media created for the client, they’ve significantly increased their organic visibility.

After five months, the site is now ranked in the first position for many key search terms in their industry.

The website traffic increases BTC Database AS from just a few searches per month to more than 1500 searches per month in 5 months

– the client receives unstoppable leads, including national big corporations.

– they eventually hire new staffs to keep up with numerous orders.

Key takeaways

Having the right approach for digital marketing has led to the success of this campaign.

Nonetheless, as it has been outlined in this seo case study, seo takes time to see the progress, but the impact shall prolong in the long run.

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