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They can also help detect data quality issues by flagging data points that deviate significantly from the norm. Data imputation. AI can predict and fill in missing data points using imputation techniques based on statistical models or machine learning. This helps maintain data completeness and accuracy and provides new data fields for analysis. Data standardization. AI can standardize data by converting units of measurement normalizing date formats or aligning categorizations to ensure that data is consent when

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Marketing may still suffer from a lack of recognition for all its efforts having AI aligned with marketing tasks can add another dimension to marketing and contribute b2b email list to the overall welfare of the company. Get MarTech! Daily. Free. In your inbox. Business email address Get MarTech in your inbox. See terms. Opinions expressed in this article are those of the guest author and not necessarily MarTech. Staff authors are listed here. Add MarTech to your Google News feed. Google News Related stories Before you hire another

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