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Will it scale with our company as we grow. As your company grows, the last thing you want to do is completely rebuild your marketing stack. So, any software acquisition must not only be capable of managing your day-to-day nes today but also scale with your plans for the future. Consider the amount of data the software can handle, the number of users who can access the system, and the level of sophistication available to companies with ever more complex and ambitious nes. Its good advice to plan for the mid-term future and be two or three steps ahead of your organizations current nes (again, bas on your organizations objectives).

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You probably dont ne to jump into the deep end with the most sophisticat services until you ne them. Its not unusual for some marketing organizations to utilize only 20% of their available technology. This underuse of resources does not represent business lead good value for money, will significantly add to your costs, and drive down levels of efficiency. Takeaway: knowing where the company is head and how much growth you can expect in the next 1-3 years will help when evaluating a new marketing technology. 7. What do others say about it. Salespeople have a habit of telling you what you want to hear.

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Thankfully, there are many opportunities to confirm whether what theyre saying is legitimate and honest. Turn to your professional network and social mia to get some unfilter opinions. A quick search on twitter will give you a good idea of other users sentiments toward a particular product. A question post on linkin may reveal a slightly deeper insight as BTC Database AS well as provide alternative recommendations. There are many different comparison sites and buyers guides out there. Some of these will be advertising-l. So it will also be best to compare marketing technology bas on several different sources. However, the best recommendation will always come from other marketers.

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