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In practice, a blog and a home page do not differ from each other in any way.  and if you don’t add a blog there, it’s just a homepage. But if you add a blog, you can talk either blog or home page with the term. 6. What kinds of blogs are there? In theory, you can have blogs and write about any topic. The important thing is that the topic interests you as a writer and is in demand, meaning that readers are also interested in it. If there are 100 people in Finland who are interested in the topic, you will surely get them interested, but it is difficult to get income from a blog like this.

You can make a homepage

 So try to find a topic that has more demand and then narrow down the topic precisely new database so that you stand out enough from other blogs . If you need ideas on what kind of blog you can start, download 101 blog topics (pdf) here . 7. Why write a blog?  for writing a blog, i.e. blogging. It can be a way to break down a challenging life situation, act as a peer support for others, teach, act as a way to share information, or if it is a private person, a blog can be a channel through which the blogger makes money with commercial collaborations and UGC (User Generated Content ) .

There are several different reasons

 For companies, a blog is part of marketing, sales tunnels and customer acquisition. ask yourself is “Why would I write a blog?”. The worst answer is “Because I want money”. Blogging is a marathon and you should commit to it for several years in order to get the most out of it. You should have a topic that you can talk and write about all the time. I often ask my students “Would you write about this topic if you weren’t paid a penny for it, or on the other hand, would you write about this topic if you were paid 100,000 euros per month?” If you BTC Database AS answer yes to both questions, then you are on the right topic. In the beginning, the income will be less, but over time you will increase the income.

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