Among the widely spread product categories

Among the widely spread product categories that have benefit particularly from the stability of online prices. There are nine sectors : diy. Health and personal care. Large appliances. Gardening. Games and toys. Just to name a few examples.

Through an advanc economic analysis. The study examin the statistical correlation between the diffusion of e-commerce in italy and the trend of inflation. The results show that for every 1 percentage point increase in the diffusion of e-commerce.

Without the positive impact of the spread

Without the positiveimpact of the spread of e-commerce. Average special data inflation over the last 6 years would have been 5% higher .Furthermore. The spread of e- commerce has play a fundamental role in mitigating the ruction in purchasing power and disposable income for italian families . This has l to a notable increase in available wealth. Estimat at around 1 billion euros between 2020 and 2022 

The spread of e-commerce

In addition to these effects on inflation and available wealth. The spread of e-commerce has also had a positive impact on the consumption of italian BTC Data Baseas AS  families. The econometric model demonstrat a statistically significant relationship between the growing diffusion of e-commerce and the increase in consumption in italy. With every additional percentage point of e-commerce diffusion. Consumption record an increase of 845 million euros.

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