Advanc search with semantic analysis

Advanc search with semantic analysis and customizable algorithms : the platform must be able to refer to advanc search systems. With semantic analysis of contents and the possibility of customizing the algorithms underlying the searches. Products. Market. Customer nes change over time. The ability to evolve search tools will allow you to quickly find relevant information and adapt the results to the specific nes of the company and customer. An innovative b2b platform. Thanks to all these key features and functions. Is ready to make a difference. Allowing a manufacturer or distributor to reach new heights of success and satisfy the ever-growing nes of its customers.

Facilitate recurring consultations

Specializ areas for a unique customer experience an innovative platform should provide areas specifically new database dicat to cyclical processes. Specializ to allow rapid reordering. Automatic acquisition of orders from the customer’s management system or mobile mia. Facilitate recurring consultations. And simplify the access to promotions and offers dicat to each customer. This will make the shopping experience unique and engaging.Simplifi customer care : b2b must offer world-class customer service with tools and solutions to simplify returns processes. Contact with agents. Faqs and in-depth information.

new base

The automation of these processes makes

The automation of these processes makes the work of commercial staff dicat to customer service more BTC Data Baseas AS  efficient and faster. Increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.Artificial intelligence. Data mining and prictive analytics : a modern b2b platform uses artificial intelligence to perform data mining and prictive analytics. Thus generating personaliz product suggestions. Important events and actions for each customer. Alongside classic promotion and communication activities. They will make sales strategies even more effective.

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