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Active Campaign don’t fall into the trap. ‘Polluzione’ means wet dream. Of course, in languages ​​that are closely relate to Dutch, such as Germanic languages, we find a lot of misleading words. There are a lot of German words that are misleading. It’s just a shame that the German language has lost a lot of popularity. As an expat I have been living and working in Germany for over 10 years. And I admit it: English is cooler, French more elegant and Spanish more fiery. But German also has its charms! Also read: The most beautiful words in the world and why they are important for our existence. Top German Words. That Are Misleading.

The channels covered include chat

Saft charging juice? No, you can usually not buy juice in a ‘Saftladen’. The German word ‘Saftladen’ refers to an unprofessional company. Recently, Tine from Rotterdam had a difficult period at work. Important, central photo editor messages must be able to be delivere to all employees in no time. Whether they are in the factory, in the office, at home or on the road. Moreover, this reporting must be accessible to everyone. For example, e-mail can be very useful, but if your employees don’t have an e-mail address, you will still have to find a channel through which you can reach these colleagues.

Data are seamlessly shared

That small caveat for home workers also applies here. First, look at which employees you want to reach and divide them into target groups. Then choose communication channels that allow you to. Reach everyone quickly and effectively at the same time. Specifically, you can only reach specific employees with information that is relevant to them. If employees always see relevant information, they will continue BTC Database AS to read your messages. After all, all employees can count on the fact that the information they receive is actually useful to them. That’s nice working in this world of information overload! Illustration for communication that takes into account all different employees.

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