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Rather than divide the nation. These findings suggest that ChatGPT may not be as objective and impartial as it claims to be, raising concerns about its underlying biases and potential influence on users. I recently had an interesting experience with ChatGPT. I ask it to give me a joke about Lord Krishna, and it compli. Then, , and it also deliver. But when I ask for a joke about Allah, it refus and start going on about sensitivity and such. This got me thinking, does ChatGPT have its own set of biases? It’s quite concerning if a supposly impartial AI has its own agenda.

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Could it be that ChatGPT was train with bias data, intentionally or unintentionally? When I ask ChatGPT why it was able to give jokes about Lord Krishna and Jesus but not Allah, it initially offer to try and give a joke about Allah. However, when I ask again, it refus to do so. This raises interesting questions about ChatGPT’s training and programming, and what kind of biases may be present in its data. It also highlights the potential Bolivia Email List implications of AI being us to perpetuate harmful stereotypes or discrimination. As we continue to develop and use these technologies, it’s important to consider the ethical implications and ensure that they are being develop and us in a responsible and inclusive way.

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