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This giant as ambitious intentions to transform Air India into an airline that known all over the world. Recently, agreement with both Airbus and Boeing. Which will result in the purchase of a total of aircraft ( narrow-body planes and wide-body. A planes from Airbus and planes from Boeing from the United States).-aisle plane by an Indian airline. According to Air India, which made the deal. It  projected that the value of the transaction. Which is $ billion, will enable Air India to enhance the size of its present fleet.

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Air India will be able to raise its market share to more than. Percent with the help of this collaboration. Which would allow it to overtake Indigo within the next few years. Rolls Royce, which is located in the United Kingdom. Is the world’s second-largest producer of aircraft engines and currently produces Afghanistan Email List engines for Air Bus.Original equipment manufacturers, also known as OEMs, are responsible for one million jobs in the United States spread across states and Europe (mostly France and  A PARTNERSHIP BETWEEN TATA AND AIRBUS Currently i am pursuing my PGDM MOST DISCUSSED The power of choice: Why some couples choose to be childfree Charles Ambrose March , The Constant One Keya B Kalita March , Nano urea – myth or reality Jayaveer Sankinani March , MOST READ Today’s time is paramount! Vibhu May , Oldest language of the world whatsup University May.

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